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Free Online Training to Increase Your Workplace Skills for Success

Boost your skills with Skills in Action! Our online portal offers cutting-edge training tailored to the Canadian workforce. It’s easy to use, with tools for planning, delivering, and managing your training. Plus, some of our training tools comply with accessibility standards for people with disabilities.

What is
Skills in Action?

Skills in Action is an online training portal developed by the CBDC Restigouche. This portal focuses on Skills for Success to enhance the skill sets of Canadian workers. This online platform includes workplace training and management tools.


Skills in Action is host to eight Skills for Success trainings. They total more than 60 hours of online training. These trainings help prepare the Canadian workforce to learn new skills. The trainings consist of pre-assessments and post-assessments, as well as different learning modules. The learner will earn badges for completing modules and certificates at the end of each training.


About the Skills in Action project

Active online portal users

Active online portal users

Pilot project results

Pilot project results
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What are the features of the Skills in Action Training Portal?

The Skills in Action portal offers a personalized learning experience. This platform includes two key applications:

Testimonials from users

Thank you for your response! I am thankful for what you have been supporting and providing to me. I have been learning and getting benefits from the program a lot.
Thank you for reaching out to follow up on my enrollment, and I appreciate the opportunity to be a participant in your online training programI am enjoying the experience and feel that the skills I am learning will contribute to my professional growth and career path(s) going forward.
Thank you so much for this favor and the training opportunity afforded to me. Truly, I will continue to go back and review these modules as I find them highly helpful in my workplace as well as everyday life